Proposing itself as problem solving Company in techno-polymer products and in different application fields, starting from customers’ needs. 

Through a complete engineering and consultancy process from prototype to serial parts production and realization. 

Cobraplast core activity is Injection moulding currently developed On 8800 square meters and 41 presses from 10 to 1300 Tons.
All Our products are customized.

With the following processes:

We are the competent partner for our customers when it comes to the production of complex molds.

In our modern equipment production, we not only repair your tools, but with our modern machinery also manufacture highly precise the most sophisticated injection molds.

Our tool shop presently supports the technical department from the tool project to the tool manufacturing.  

It supports the production department for the activities of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.  

The flexibility in managing new tool manufacturing, different phases of tuning up and all the services complementary to the production departments is our added value for the respect of customer schedules. 

Today's economy has forced many companies to put a larger emphasis on cost reduction while still upholding the same performance quality and standard

One solution in which many manufacturers are now incorporating is replacing metal and other traditional materials with engineered thermoplastics or high performance plastic resins, all knowledge of Cobraplast is at your service.



  • Engineered thermoplastics are lighter in weight, providing for ease of use and reduction in transportation cost for both parts and raw materials
  • High performance resins provide resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and rust, reducing the need for secondary coatings and sprays
  • Engineering resins can be non-conductive, improving safety for certain applications
  • UV resistant properties provide longevity to products and also reduce need for secondary coatings and sprays



  • Noise and vibration dampening as compared to traditional metal parts
  • Temperature stability (resistance to reaching extreme temperatures)



  • Ability to mold complex geometry and multiple parts reduce the amount of metal components and/or secondary operations and assembly
  • A single plastic injection molded part can often replace multiple metal pieces, reducing the amount of fixtures and handling required to assemble those metal parts together
  • Specific gravity of thermoplastic resins is much less than metal, reducing material required
  • Increased speed to market due to shorter cycle and processing times
  • Component Studio
  • Engineering
  • Choosing the right material application
  • Structural calculations
  • Reduction in weight and cost

Cobraplast have been continuously developing and machining new high-performance plastic materials for cutting-edge applications.

Our Technology Centres always put the needs of our customers first. We co-design and machine from a drawing or start from a sample, and offer you a long term, stable and reliable finished component

Our service begins with your product idea. We want to understand the requirements and ideas of our customers in the best possible way so that our developers can purposefully integrated into the product development process.

Innovative automation solutions are particularly popular with our sophisticated plastic components.

Whether simple feeding technology or modern linked handling systems per injection molding. 

Assy line full dedicated to our customer.

Prototyping, Assembly, Automation.